When you decide to finance on a car, you may be wondering about the cash you need. You can buy the car of your choice whether you have cash ready at hand or not by car financing deals. Why pay the entire amount at one shot when you can finance the car of your choice? Let us follow smart ways in how to finance a car?

Arrange for finance before you shop It would be a good decision to first visit your bank or loan company before you start to shop for the car of your choice. Apply for an auto loan and observe the most competitive interest that you can get. Find out rates for both new and pre-owned cars. Be clear about your credit rating so that the lenders do not ask for an inflated interest rate.

Arrange for 20% cash down Arrange to pay at least 20% of the worth of the car as cash down. This will save you from paying more when your car's value depreciates later. The amount you ow on the loan will be closer to the value of your car if you pay more money upfront. Although some lenders do not ask for a cash down at all this would save you from financial differences later.

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